Is Winter Too Early To Look For The Best Online Garden Center In 2018?

Is winter too early to look for the best online garden centre in 2018? The truth is, not at all!


While it is still winter is the perfect time to be looking for online garden centres and then spending time with the best one once you find it. For starters, the nights are long, and depending on where you live, cold. So, you’ve got more time indoors in front of a computer screen or on your mobile device to look things up on the Internet.

This is when you have plenty of time to figure out which online garden centre is best for you this year. That would be based on a variety of factors, but they’ll likely include prices, product selection, shipping and handling costs, and shipping or mailing speed to where you live or work.

Online garden centres can be quite selective as to the products they carry, and while you won’t find specific items like Medela Electric Breast Pumps you will find virtually everything that you do need for the garden.

Once you know all this, then winter is a great time to review exactly what your best option has to offer you. You can plan out your shopping list for what you’re going to need in the spring, summer, and fall. You’ll also have time to start ordering things and possibly having them shipped to you well in advance of actually needing them.


Winter shopping at an online garden centre doesn’t just give you plenty of time to plan and have things shipped out to you, but also possibly the chance to take advantage of seasonally low prices on large items like garden furniture before other homeowners start worrying about their own land and yards. Depending on what kind of yard work and gardening you’re looking to do, you might even order the right things for a container garden you can start indoors, so that you have growing plants ready for transplant into the soil as soon as the ground and weather are ready, extending your growing season.

The Benefits of Organic Essential Oil – Patchouli Oil

If you ever get the chance to touch and smell a patchouli herb you are in for a treat. The heavenly leaves when crushed exude a much loved well known scent treasured the world over. This is not surprising when you understand Patchouli Oil is a member of the mint family. Other organic essential oils that are well utilized in this group are: spearmint, peppermint, thyme, hyssop, marjoram, clary sage, lavender, holy basil and sage. Wow, what a variety of amazing essential oils in this rich chemotype group. The essential oil of Patchouli is often described as herbaceous, musky, earthy and somewhat spicy. Patchouli Oil has an aroma intensity of medium. Therefore, although it is a member of the mint family it most certainly has a very unique aroma profile. Given the depth of this group of herbs and plants this is not unexpected.

 Native to South, East Asia and India this leafy green plant produces an essential oil that develops and matures with age like a fine wine. Its name not surprisingly derives from the Hindu (when translated) as green leaf.  Possible oils that may be used as either substitutions or symbiotic co-contributors to a blend as a fixative base in your blends are vetiver or spikenard.

In your cosmetic formulary for grooming or personal care products Patchouli Oil may cool inflamed skin and is known to balance skin. It is very versatile for all skin types and balances sebum production. It even has wound healing recognition. Patchouli also has potential deodorising benefits.

From an Aromatherapy point of view, Patchouli is balancing and stabilising on emotions and facilitates focus and clarity of thought. It is deeply supportive on emotional wellbeing and may harmonise the emotional state. Patchouli may promote a romantic mood and has aphrodisiac qualities.

Historically, Patchouli has been like many other essential oils (not in oil form) traded against precious metals! The Roman Empire found it handy to stimulate an appreciation in food when one was not inclined to eat. The Egyptians even wanted to buried with it. Understandable given their belief in reincarnation. In parts of Asia it has herbal medicinal use going back centuries.

A basic look at the literature regarding the primary constituents of Patchouli Oil finds the following ranges:

Patchoulol                                                      22% to 79>#/p###

Alpha-Bulnesene                                             1% to 55>#/p###

Alpha-Guaiene                                                 1% to 22>#/p###

Alpha-Patchoulene                                          1% to 10>#/p###

There is a large variation as you can see in the main constituents due to the growing country and even region and also the particular batch for that year depending upon the growing conditions. Our Essential Oil Components Database lists the main compound Patchoulol as being antispasmodic and a sedative. This ties in with the Aromatherapy benefits above.

As you can see from this versatile oil it has wide ranging benefits and is best stored in dark glass away from light and filled to the top to reduce oxidation to mature and intensify. Then you can bring out your 2017 patchouli in 2027 and marvel at its complexity and get your “Woodstock” on “flower child”.